• Identify, with each client, the ideal assets and credits desired for investment
  • Conduct a global search for assets and present a short list of recommended assets
  • Provide Lease Encumbered Valuation and independent Credit reports on desired assets
  • Conduct a complete Lease review identifying any potential trouble areas with the lease
  • Conduct pre-acquisition inspections for aircraft

Lease Oversight & Administration

  • Monthly Rental Invoice procedure
  • Monthly Utilisation monitoring and recording
  • Monthly Maintenance Reserve calculation and Invoice procedure
  • Management and renewal of Security Deposits/Letter of Credit/Maintenance Letters of Credit Maintenance Expenditure review and reconciliation
  • Operator Financial Reporting Obligations
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Non-Compliance Management

Technical Administration and Management

  • Annual or periodic inspections
  • Pre-return survey
  • Redelivery management
  • Incident survey and reporting
  • Lessor contribution survey
  • Technical Matters/Mandatory issues
  • Specification Updates, new aircraft Specifications/Upgrades
  • Current maintenance reserve fund
  • Future projected maintenance reserve fund

Periodic Valuations

  • Base Values
  • Future Base Values
  • Current Market values based on half-life condition
  • Current Maintenance/Condition Adjusted values
  • Future Market Value Lease

Aircraft Repossession and Contingency Planning

  • Base Values
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Physical repossession of aircraft and records
  • Storage, insurance, maintenance and ferry flight logistics (third party costs payable directly by Client)

Aircraft Remarketing and Lease Renewals

  • Remarket aircraft for sale with lease attached, or sale/lease at lease end

Reports and Meetings

  • Regular calls to discuss operational matters
  • Periodic reports for each asset, lessee and general market update
  • Periodic meetings to discuss the next quarter’s activities and asset related issues